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History of Moonshine Trippers


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The men who took on the responsibilities of driving the loads of moonshine whisky into the markets became known as Trippers. These trippers were the true daredevils and heroes of the moonshine era. Everything hinged on their ability to deliver the liquor and return home with the much needed money that kept their families fed and clothed. Everyone had respect for the Tripper, even the men who chased him, tried to catch him and put him in prison. It was a serious game that both sides played in this drama of real life known as the moonshine era.

The battle between the Tripper and the revenuers basically came down to a car race. Later, it came as no surprise, that the greatest stock car drivers, race car builders, and mechanics came from rural areas, known as moonshine capitals of the world. Just a few of these rural areas are North Wilkesboro, North Carolina; Dawsonville, Georgia; and Cosby, Tennessee.